Saturday, 30 November 2013

Earth & Sea

I love to combine together turquoise and gold, blue and bronze, aquamarine and brown etc. That's my favourite combination of tones - earth and sea. For that reason I like to work with bronze findings.

Jewellery in autumn colours

Because I still feel like autumn - not winter :-)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Wire bird nests

I saw really a lots of wire bird nests in internet and most of the time they were made the quickest, the easiest and unfortunately the ugliest way - few loops and 3 tie wraps. I can bet they took literally 5 minutes. I decided to try my own but with precision that I always demand from myself, spending long time on each one, fiddling with wire until I was fully happy with the final effect. And so it is, two brooches and one pendant:

Felt flowers

I love making flowers! Especially now when it's coming to winter, they remind me about sunny summer days. Here again felt in use.

Some of my favourites:

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Shabby chic

Did I mention I am in love with vintage style? I value especially victorian's, but neo vintage upcycled style where pale pink, light blue and white dominates - that's what I'm the most interested in. So of course I made brooches. Ladies and gentlemen I give you victorian roses!

Brooches madness...

I continue my personal brooches madness... Whatever I make I want to transform it into a brooch straight away! Flowers (mostly roses) are main stars here.


November is a reign of poppies on coats. I went crazy about them too! Not only because Remembrance Day, but because I love those flowers, they remind me about my old home and childhood when I was running free and wild between fields, meadows and woods of Poland.